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Domain Specific Business Model With Biz Process Technology Leverage

If you are selling technology, you'll need to be able to write the "value chain".  The video to your left is a nice example of that  value chain.

The scene is set with BPM, and the message is that "BPM is ready".  And then the value for customers is developed in partnership between the BPM platform and the channel partner.

This seven-minute overview is used to introduce demonstrations of BPM-in-action for special circumstances, by specialist channel partners.



How Not To End Up On A Level Playing Field With The Competition! Part II

In Part I of How Not To End Up On A Level Playing Field , we briefly mapped the mantra of sales professionalism:  "the benefit."  The concept of benefit is the foundation stone on which the edifice of sales stands.  Both the successful sales professional and the organization to which the sales person belongs, depend on the existence of benefits to customers from acquiring the seller's wares.  But the sales professional does not rely merely on the existence of benefits, but the profession itself is dedicated to matching vendor to buyer around benefits to the buyer.  A top sales professional speaks to benefits. But as we learned in Part I, benefits may be ante to play, but they are not winning hands, because all good sales people are adept at benefit talk, and therefore the hard-one skill of "thinking of others first" is not much of an advantage.

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