$ 300 K Web 2.0 & CMS Win At Marquee Retailer

When you're brought a sales lead from an Oracle business partner because you're the best in town, are you ready to step up? 

In the case of a marquee retailer lead, dthree inc. was ready with the Web 2.0 technical knowledge.  But that knowledge needed to be focused on a winning proof-of-concept.  The customer had a strong need for a special-purpose portal, but the business case was being driven by the IT department, which needed to show the business team what could be done with Web 2.0.  Fortunately, IT was willing to fund the POC, which meant that there was full attention on the project. 

Click Me!The deal then had three main components:  (1) delivery of the successful POC; (2) specification of the appropriate and affordable software license proposal and (3) provision of an estimate for the portal.  The estimate was just that, an estimate, and not an offer to do business.  Before a full service proposal could be delivered for Phase I, a proper discovery and planning project would be necessary.

The POC was received extremely well by the executive team.  So, all the deal components and players came together for another Q4 win!