Build Business With BPEL -- Sales Tool -- Maximum Economy & Clarity

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How do you overcome customer perception of risk?  Sometimes new technology capabilities are ahead of customers.  If you can present the solution in the clearest possible way, you'll help your customer get a lot closer to moving forward.

In the case of BPEL-driven B2B/EDI, the technology is very powerful and much easier to use than traditional EDI.  But adoption rates are still relatively low.

The attached diagrams are a successful sales tool which enable you to walk a customer through the entire connection.  Attractive and simple, these diagrams can also be animated in support of a great webinar talk track.

Please see the attached PDF for four different scenarios.  Is your technology ready for prime-time?  Can you explain your technology and its business benefits with maximum economy and clarity?

You can also see an animated version of Case No. 1 - EDI 850 Inbound here

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